DNA – Why I Look Like Me!

Book Passage:


Zuri leant in again and slowly said, “Well, I’m glad to say that I don’t look like my brothers but I do look a bit like my mum. You don’t 

really look like yours.”

I peered closer. That was true. I’m from China and Mum from England. I was adopted so my story is a bit different. I had come out of someone else’s tummy, made by a different Mum and Dad. My DNA is different to hers but that is our special story.

From Jada Mei Mathews’ Plan: Perfect by Kim Gillingham

Guidance For Teachers

Science can get all tricky with the long and crazy words but they can be fun to say. 

DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid – say what? Dee-Oxy-Ray-boh-noo-clay-ick acid. It’s the secret code that makes you look like you! It’s found in your cells, all tightly coiled and protected. 

Fun starter – Can you find the DNA in the cell? What other parts can you find? (This is a fun activity to introduce kids to their cells). 

At home, you can make one big one but in a class, I’d make them in an ice cube tray so that every student can get one. They absolutely love dissecting their cell. For those surgeons in your home or class that prefer the destroying of the cell, set the challenge after to be all the pieces back inside 😊

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