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Kim Gillingham - Author

Hmmm…..?? The ‘About Me’ part is particularly challenging to write. How do we narrow ourselves into a few short sentences? What would you say about you?

I know I love to dance. Always have and always will. 

My dream was to travel to Africa. I worked hard and saved all my pennies until I could finally spend 3 months there. I savoured EVERY minute and formed a huge belief that we can achieve our goals one small step at a time. 

Once, a long time ago, I jumped out of a plane.

I had a parachute on! A friend, who had experienced far more challenges than I, wanted to prove to herself that she could do something super scary. She asked me to join her so I agreed and barely ate for 3 days before the jump… I was terrified. On jump day however, my friend said she’d never do that again but I LOVED it! Try something new. I studied science and volunteered in hospitals for kids and met some of the bravest people I know. I LOVED working on discovery magazines for children creating visual story packages. A dream job! I moved from Canada to the United Kingdom and became a teacher. Kids keep it real and are so much fun.  Unexpectedly, I was offered a job in Shanghai, China where I learned about the world of Xialongbao (delicious dumplings with soup inside), Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall of China. I brought my daughter home, rescued a dog and was given a cat. I LOVE my family. For as long as I could remember I wanted to write for kids and so I’m trying. One step at a time, I’m writing books to “normalise differences,” increase confidence and kindness and to have fun. being directed by my daughter every step of the way.  How did I do? Send me a note. How would you describe you?

Hi Everyone, my name is Sadie.G.  My mum calls me, “her Creative Director” because I keep it real. She’d get up at 4:00 a.m. just to get her “Me Time” in and write. When I’d get up she would be sat there typing away. I’d ask her to read me her next chapter. Sometimes she’d laugh at a part and I would too. At other times, she’d laugh and I’d just shake my head. I made sure she only kept the good bits in for all of you.

I’m an early riser. Sometimes I wake up on my own and at other times my dog wakes me by running into the room and barking. 

I LOVE football! I’ve been playing since I was 3 and have the best coaches. 

My friends and I made up a problem solver team. Unfortunately, the only problem we had to solve was, “Who made that dot in my friend’s workbook?” and “How to Get the Hat Off the Top of a Tube Slide that your Teachers Won’t Let You Climb?”

I think Nutella, Ice Cream and Kiwi should be served every day but my mum doesn’t seem to agree. 

I love my cat, dog and mum. I love Jada Mei Mathews and I hope you do too. 

Send a message and say hello. 

Charlotte McGuigan - Illustrator

Growing up I loved making things. Like Jada, sometimes my art didn’t always go to plan but that’s half the fun! 

I am originally from the United Kingdom but now live in Thailand with my husband, two children and two hamsters called Robbie-bear and Rosie-bear.

As well as making my own art, I help kids to make their art too which brings me great joy. Like a lot of the children I teach I grew up in International Schools, by the time I was in year 6 at primary school I had lived in three countries and had been to seven schools. 

Always being the new kid in town was tough, but It made me brave and very friendly. It was a big culture shock to join an English secondary school but If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met the Zuri to my Jada, my best friend Laura who is still my best friend now!

Living in a lot of places has shown me a lot of things. Being kind is super important, even people like Charlotte need some help sometimes. 

I love nature. Where I live right now is surrounded by Jungle trees with leaves that are bigger than my whole body. Going on nature hunts with my children and exploring with torches in the dark is sooo much fun. 

I have always wanted to visit Lapland to see Santa. I will always believe in the magic of Christmas and hope to go to sleep in a glass igloo as soon as the Pandemic is over.  

My favourite things to do are spending time with my family, eating yummy food and drawing!

What do you like to draw? I would love to see some of your art.

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