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New Jada Mei's Science/Art Activity Pack

Jada Mei Mathews and her friends explore what truly makes a family. 

In this kit, not only do children meet Jada and her friends but are also introduced to the creative wonder of DNA. Through an inticing game, children select the DNA code that will craft their new creature. Each pack, consists of precut/built pieces as well as additional materials for creative souls to build their own. 

For further information on how you can get your hands on this kit contact me HERE.

Let’s explore and talk about possibilities together.

Workshops for Kids

Drop Thought Kids – Exploring Possibilities
Use Science, STEM and Art to test and discuss what could be possible.
Eliminate the fear of being wrong in an assessment driven world.

I wonder...


Is ‘new’ scary or exciting? Can standing up tall give us confidence?

Could dinosaurs live in the deep, deep sea?

Who am I? Boy/Girl? Human/animal? Something/nothing/everything?

Meet Jada Mei Mathews

In the first addition of the Jada Mei Mathews’ series, Jada and her friends embark on a mission to discover what truly makes a family. 

Within a humorous story children are introduced to different family structures and encouraged to consider and celebrate all types of families. Jada may be adopted and with a single parent but that’s not what makes her family photo unique. 


Join Jada, Zuri and Liam as they explore the world of adoption and test out Jada’s Plan: PERFECT.


Here's a little preview...

A Little About Kim

Hello friends,

 I am a girl with big dreams. I am a science teacher and a mother who watches and listens to children daily. I recognise their fear of being wrong and their innate curiosity.  Their wonderful uniqueness and their self-consciousness as they grow.

I see parents who are concerned for their children and unsure of how best to guide them.  They want their children to be academically strong, confident and happy and fear they will not set them up as best as they can. 

These fears I understand and it’s my mission to help lessen them.

I work with children to gain confidence in differences and themselves. To explore ideas and to wonder about possibilities. To open up creativity and celebrate  discussions.  To recognise the ‘try’ rather than fear the possible outcomes.

Through stories, science and practical activities we can open up conversations and encourage children to look  at  the world they live in and the lives they wonder about. 

We can drop in ideas and let them explore and question. We can give them a voice, trust their opinions and own their own creations. 

If they can look for awe, embrace wonder and trust their ability to find solutions then, my friends,  we may give our kids the tools to remain happy and confident with the who they are and the who they are becoming. 

Let’s celebrate!




With no other way to get where we needed to be and thinking of the world she would see around her, I took my kid on a tuk-tuk. With the noise, commotion and busy world around there would be so much for her to discover and yet she slept. The only place she ever napped! As parents we try and yet our kids tend to show us what they really need.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Sadie.G. My mum calls me, “her Creative Director” because I keep it real. She’d get up at 4:00 a.m. just to get her “Me Time” in and write. When I’d get up she would be sat there typing away. I’d ask her to read me her next chapter. Sometimes she’d laugh at a part and I would too. At other times, she’d laugh and I’d just shake my head. I made sure she only kept the good bits in for all of you. Read more about me here.


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Dear Parents, Teachers and Librarians!

Welcome to the world of Drop Thought Kids! Here you will be introduced to the Jada Mei series as well as practical workshops and activities to encourage open discussions and confidence. On these pages you will find resources to download for free and share with the children in your life. There are lesson plans and comprehension questions to guide you through activities with your students.  You will also discover Drop Thoughts to explore with your class or to discuss at dinner with your family. This site is designed to open up communication and expose children to differences and big ideas without the fear of being wrong. Have fun with the activities on offer and help to develop the confidence and opinions of our children so that we can all continue to grow, give and engage.

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